Kim Petters

Running for Kent County, Delaware Clerk of the Peace

Kim Petters is running to serve the people of Kent County as their Clerk of the Peace.

“As Clerk of the Peace I will serve the people of our county with the same dedication that I served our country. I believe strong marriages and healthy families build a better community; I am dedicated to serving you full time as Clerk of the Peace, bringing fresh blood and new ideas to the office, including a website devoted to marriage counseling and resources distributed to every newly-wed Kent County couple.”

An Iraqi Freedom War veteran, Kim Petters served her country in the United States Air Force on Active Duty from 2002-2012 where she met her fellow service-member and future husband Wade Petters. While on active duty Kim earned several service medals and attained a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education and an Associate’s Degree in Public Health and Allied Health.

Immediately after leaving the military, Kim’s family faced devastating tragedies resulting in the death of two beloved family members who left behind a toddler and baby. Kim and her husband took the two children in to raise as their own along with their own daughter and son. In 2013, Kim, her husband Wade, and their four young children moved to Magnolia Delaware.

Even though she hung up her military uniform, Kim continues serving her community through Volunteer work, fundraising, and advocacy. An active member of VFW Post 3238, Kim championed legislation expanding medical access for PTSD and hosted events such as statewide Memorial Day Parades to honor our fallen and Gold Star Families.

“The Clerk of the Peace is responsible for attending and recording Levy Court meetings and ordinances. As a watchful outside eye, I am dedicated to ensuring integrity and full transparency of any and all official county proceedings.”

For more information email, or call 302-316-4035.

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Kim Petters for Clerk of the Peace

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