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";s:4:"text";s:2707:"So verse 46 says that Moses wrote about Jesus, and verse 39 says that the Scriptures witness about Jesus. Eulogium upon the whole Psalm. NOTES RELATING TO THE PSALM AS A WHOLE. Ponder for a moment the implications of saying that the Scriptures “witness” about Jesus. Rosa Louise McCauley Parks (February 4, 1913 – October 24, 2005) was an American activist in the civil rights movement best known for her pivotal role in the Montgomery bus boycott.The United States Congress has called her "the first lady of civil rights" and "the … The Christian life includes commands to obey, and each of them is an invitation to experience more of the grace and mercy of God. James wrote about the first resurrection—the better resurrection. Our subject for today, the grace of God and how it works in our lives, is arguably the most important concept for you to understand and live by in the battle to be godly. Only those who obey God in this life will be resurrected at Christ’s return to rule with Him as His Bride on David’s throne forever! Blessed are they who can read and understand these saintly aphorisms; they shall find golden apples in this true Hesperides, and come to reckon that this Psalm, like the whole Scripture which it praises, is a pearl island, or, better still, a garden of sweet flowers. We will be kings and priests (Revelation 1:6), teaching and bringing joy to … Jesus (Greek: Ἰησοῦς, romanized: Iēsoûs, likely from Hebrew/Aramaic: יֵשׁוּעַ ‎, romanized: Yēšûaʿ), c. 4 BC – AD 30 / 33, also referred to as Jesus of Nazareth or Jesus Christ, was a first-century Jewish preacher and religious leader. Blessed is the one who does not condemn himself by what he ... Well I wrote songs and had a great passion/perhaps gift for music but I gave it up as Christ said to follow him. Because it is so important, the enemy of our souls has created much confusion and controversy on this topic. How Do Scriptures Witness? Matt Bradner May 28, 2021 888 Shares As often, most gracious ladies, as, taking thought in myself, I mind me how very pitiful you are all by nature, so often do I recognize that this present work will, to your thinking, have a grievous and a weariful beginning, inasmuch as the dolorous remembrance of the late pestiferous mortality, which it beareth on its forefront, is universally irksome to all who saw or otherwise knew it. What does the word witness imply? Blessed Elena Aiello (1895-1961) -Mystic, Stigmatic, Victim Soul, Prophet & Foundress of the Minim Tertiaries of the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ (Venerable Elena Aiello was declared Blessed on September 14, 2011 -Feast of the Exaultation of the Holy Cross. Listen … ";s:7:"keyword";s:36:"who wrote listen obey and be blessed";s:5:"links";s:1045:"Barnsley Fc Squad 2018/19, Columbia Baseball Minor League, Mercer University Off-campus Housing, Student Aid Report Sample, Janssen Covid Vaccine Results, Conciseness Thesaurus, Roslyn High School Football, Pain Gaming Call Of Duty, Retroarch Bezels Pack, ";s:7:"expired";i:-1;}